Zone 082 - Site 01


Status:ActiveStatus Effective Date:11/02/86
Site Name:Downtown Mobile Airport, Port and Riverfront Industrial ComplexSite Number:01
Board Order / Admin Action #:B208, A-6-85, A-7-86, B464, A-37-03, B1312, A-30-08, A-32-09, A-26-11, A-27-11, A-80-11, A-108-11, B2014Zone Number:082
Subzone Number:Total Acreage:1943
Activated Acres:74Site Coordinates:
Approved on:02/24/83Sunset Date:


Maps:082 s1 removed a10811.pdf082 s1 removed a3209.pdf082 s1 a3008.pdf082 s1 a3209.pdf082 s1 b1312.pdf082 s1 removed a3008.pdf
File Information:NAME: 082 s1 removed a3209.pdf SIZE: 2.05 Mb
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NAME: 082 s1 removed a3008.pdf SIZE: 1.99 Mb
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Street Address:Brookley Industrial Complex, Brookley Airport, Alabama State Docks and other port, terminal and industrial facilitiesCity:Mobile
State:ALZIP Code: